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Pest Control experience is important to deliver quality results. We’re happy to be part of the Australian pest control industry. Our pest control solutions are family and pet safe. We use an integrated pest management approach which is the best proven method for the safety of your family, sinuses, and your furry friends, and of course, doing the job of pest control.

If you live in the Mackay area and need a pest control solution, look no further.

6 Ways To Identify An Infestation

  1. Dead bugs inside your house? Mackay has many insects, often collecting in the same spot, this is a sign of an infestation somewhere and that pest control is needed.
  2. You find droppings inside. This is a strong sign pests are in your home. Take a photo of the droppings to show your inspector to ID.
  3. There are signs of nesting. Mice and rats will often create a nest out of shredded paper, in tight spaces within the wall, floor or roof cavities.
  4. Strange sounds and smells. If you hear rustling within your roof, this is often a sign there is something living up there. Smells are a giveaway too. Mice can smell musty, and rats have the scent of ammonia.
  5. Gnaw marks. Sometimes rats leave chewed up electrical wires and this could be a sign you’re sharing your home with them
  6. Sagging floors. For wooden floors, this can mean you have a termite problem. Tap any wood in your home and if it starts to sound hollow, termites may be active and it could get out of control.

How Does It Work?

There are five main steps to an integrated pest control management program.

1. Monitoring

Regular pest inspections are carried out on your home or business to check for infestations and how animals get into the building. Your pest inspector will monitor the building for unwanted critters and determine what they are so they can be eliminated with the right pest control.

2. Note taking

After records are established, it’s easy to see patterns, trends, and habits of any pests. Detailed notes will include the type of animal, recommendations for pest control treatments and how they should be undertaken.

3. Elimination

This is when act of ‘pest control’ takes place, and the rodent and insect population is tackled.

4. Prevention

This is a vital phase of a pest control Mackay program. Steps to control further outbreaks are carried out so the problem doesn’t rear its ugly head again.

5. Evaluation

In this final step, the whole pest control procedure is reviewed and the success program in the getting rid of pests will be evaluated.

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