5 Fun Things To Do In Mackay

Sweet tooth

Famous for sugar, Mackay uses a hodgepodge of thrills beyond the sweet deals with to keep any food lover delighted. From high tea in a church-turned-café in the heart of a sugarcane field at The Church Coffee shop, to delighting in more-ish pork stomach deals with and fresh oysters in the heart of the CBD at The Dispensary, Mackay’s yummy deals with will leave you with a smile larger than the Cheshire Feline. These restaurants have had a full pest control service completed in Mackay inspection to make sure they’re hygenic.


Platypus bubbles

Curiouser and curiouser! Like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland, I too for a little while forget the best ways to speak excellent English, zipped-up and filled with scuba equipment for an out of this world chance to blow bubbles with the world’s strangest animal … the platypus.

I’m not diving in some regulated environment, however in this little Aussie icon’s natural surroundings– a drowsy freshwater pond surrounded by sugarcane fields. A lot of curious! Welcome to Mackay’s Leader Valley — the home of a world-first ecotourism endeavor, Rain forest Scuba.

Kangaroo Patrol

If you create a sandcastle at Cape Hillsborough there’s every chance it might get jumped on. Not by ecstatic kids, however mobs of resident wallabies and kangaroos that bounce along the beach that fronts Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort, 50 kilometres north-west of Mackay.

Like a lot of great tourists, they’re there not simply for the landscapes, however the food. There are likewise no flies on this beach; simply consistent overhead traffic streams of butterflies. Around 25 various types live in Cape Hillsborough National Park.

Medicine Man

It’s the type of experience generally scheduled for big-screen action heroes, not somebody like me, with a moderate hostility to heights. Move over Stallone and Connery, it’s time to harness up for a Forest Flying experience, 25 metres up, assuring an eagle-eye view throughout a beautiful rain forest canopy.

‘ Leaflets’ are in control of speed, thanks to a special hand-braking system. It’s far more fulfilling to ‘hang out’ in the canopy with nests of fruit bats, a checking out sea eagle, and a frustrating sense of calm.


Get your strolling swimmers and boots and visit the hills of Australia’s biggest constant stretch of sub-tropical rain forest. Eungella National forest is the home of the magnificent Araluen and Wheel of Fire waterfalls and is the informal platypus capital of the world.

I rapidly comprehend why it made its Aboriginal name “Eungella”, suggesting “Land of Clouds”, as white wisps blow through my rental cars and truck’s windows on the increase the variety. Travellers, bear in mind: Eungella is not “yoon-jellar”, as my American-sounding GPS navigation system promotes, however “young-gulluh”.

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