Fog Machines: The Optimal Pest Control Droplet Size

To many people, the most crucial information on a pesticide label is the dose of active ingredients. They rarely ever take time to consider spray volume or spray quality. And to be quite honest, not much information is offered about it. This would explain why, historically, pesticides were applied with the intent of wetting the entire surface of the plant. However, we now know that even applying pesticides in low volumes can be equally as effective. Mackay pest control can hep you with all of your optimisation and pest related problems.

Fog machines give you the ability to disperse pesticides without having to use an excessive amount. The key to getting the most out of it, is to choose the correct droplet size. Different foggers will produce different sized droplets based on how they are used. Ideally, your droplet would be between 20-30 micrometers. Let’s talk about why this is the optimal size.

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Pesticides Must Be Able To Penetrate Air Pockets

Pests have an air pocket which is maintained by the hairs on their abdomen. This pocket helps them to repel water and prevent it from flooding the breathing holes on the abdomen. The closer together these hairs are, the more pressure the pocket can withstand before it collapses. These pockets not only serve as a place to store oxygen, but they also allow insects to absorb oxygen from all surrounding water. This external lung gives them the ability to survive underwater for a very long time.

The air pocket can act as a defense mechanism when it comes to pesticides. The only way to ensure that insects are not able to block the droplets is to use a size that is no less than 10 micrometers. By using a pest control that is between 20-30 micrometers, you ensure that it is heavy enough to penetrate these air pockets.

Pesticides Must Be Heavy Enough To Be Evenly Distributed

Pesticide drift occurs when the pesticide leaves its intended target site through the air during, and sometimes after, application. In this case, the solution may affect public health, pets or nearby plants and crops. Drifts can also lessen the impact of the pesticide on the intended target. This is why it’s very important that pesticides be evenly distributed around the space without leaving a lot of residue behind.

Small droplets are much more likely to drift than larger ones. By using 20-30 micrometer sized droplet, it’s powerful enough to reach the insects and offer a uniformed application. This protects plants, public health, pets and livestock.

It’s very important that you purchase a high-quality pesticide, but knowing how to apply it is as equally important. Insects bodies are made to tolerate a significant amount of water, and using the wrong size droplets could mean that you will be unable to reach pests. And in some cases, it could also have a negative impact on the environment and the health of humans and animals. If you would like to get the most out of your pesticide sessions, then fog machine droplet size must be one of your top priorities.



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