How to Celebrate Australia Day In Mackay

Join in the festivities and celebrate Australia Day in Mackay. Throw an Australia Day party, complete with chocolate, in the true spirit of Australian “mateship,” friendly companionship with many different people. For those outside of the Southern Hemisphere who wish to celebrate Australia Day, it can seem somewhat difficult to do so in an authentic manner. To make sure your Australia day is pest free visit our Mackay pest management services.

As January 26th falls during the heat of the Australian summer, people like to celebrate with outdoorsy activities. But the chill of the winter for those of us north of the equator can dampen this sun-loving spirit. No matter! For those interested in as authentic of an experience as possible, check Mackay’s local paper. Some large cities offer organised activities for Australia Day, allowing both locals and Australian ex-patriots to celebrate together.


These activities can be a great way to learn more about Australia Day, as well as give you a place where you can have loads of fun with people from all over the world.If a large crowd doesn’’t appeal to you or you don’t have any organised Australia Day activities in your area, it’s your turn to throw an Australia Day party instead! The spirit of Australia, after all, is known to be that of “mateship,” friendly companionship with many different people. Your friends and family will love the opportunity to gather and maybe learn while still enjoying a winter barbeque. Yes, a winter barbeque. Sounds like a complete oxymoron, but you can make it a party they’ll not soon forget! Decorate the interior of your home with classic barbeque accessories like party lanterns, tropical plants, and picnic areas.

Use lots of lights to come as close to a bright summer day as possible.For food, find foods that can be prepared without a grill while still lending an authentic barbeque flair. A great option would be some form of a kabob – either meat-loving or vegetarian will do. These can be baked in the oven, but still scream “Barbeque!” To lend even more of an Australian flair, offer a variety of sauces for your guests to try. Australia’’s culture is so diverse that many different genres can be covered.

Maybe a peanut sauce, a mole sauce (pronounced mo-lay, combination of chocolate and peanuts), a ginger sauce, a classic barbeque sauce. the possibilities are limitless!

For dessert, think of the desserts that bring a barbeque to a tasty close. If you can find fresh fruit of good quality, combining that with angel food cake on a platter surrounded by small chocolate wafers offers your guests a variety of sweets from which to choose. Or maybe a great way to warm up the crowd before they venture back out into the cold would be a bit less traditional for barbeques – offer plates with several varieties of biscotti and then create customised coffee drinks.

January will be here soon. Make your Mackay celebrations count.